Off Grid Solar Home For Sale, New Brunswick, Canada

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Solar home with 20 acres on the Saint John River.

View of the Bellisle Bay (a bay on the Saint John River) as seen from the deck, upstairs windows and downstairs window seats.

Looking for a cozy renewable energy home with

  • solar power (off grid capable with power grid backup if desired)
  • a beautiful view
  • beach on property
  • beautiful brook running through the middle of the 20 acre property?

This 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is located on the Belleisle Bay of the Saint John River, New Brunswick.

The property is located approximately:

50km (30minute drive) from the Town of Sussex with amenities including 6 pharmacies, a newly built Sobeys grocery store, a newly built Superstore grocery store, newly built Canadian Tire and Home Hardware auto/hardware stores, all the typical fast food outlets for a town of 5000+ residents as well as many charming locally owned craft stores, health food stores, hardware stores. There is also a local hospital in Sussex as well as many chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists and many other services.

60km (45 minute drive) from the city of Saint John (population 70,000) which includes all the amenities of an Eastern Canadian industrial city as well an international airport (YSJ).

125km (1 hour 20 minute drive) from the city of Moncton (pop. 75,000) which includes all the amenities of an Eastern Canadian white collar city including a modern (and New Brunswick’s largest) international airport (YQM) which is known for its many charter flights to popular warm destinations when you need a break from winter.




The home is R2000 construction, comes complete with a 4.2 kW solar power system with brand new Trojan L-16 batteries (connected to the grid for backup if necessary). The home is heated with radiant heat (in floor concrete) as well as a wood stove.

The 16 year old home has established raspberry, blueberry, grapes, and fruit treas. The gardener in you will love the 10 raised beds that are waiting to be planted this spring.

This renewable energy home will not disappoint you. As a family of 6 we never ran out of hot water, always had power, and were surrounded by nature.

Here are a few of the homes many features:

4 bedrooms

2 bathrooms


Propane Stove

Jacuzzi Bath

Radiant Heat (propane)

Polaris hot water boiler / domestic water heater

Well water and water filter

Built in central vacuum

All floors are hardwood or ceramic tile.

Beautiful front deck overlooking the bay

Hardiplank Siding


Metal Roof

Lots of room to run, play, and entertain

Yes, we lived with all the creature comforts of any home. We even had air conditioning in the summer.

Throughout all four seasons you will not be disappointed in the nature and beauty that exists around this property. We have watched a fox catch his breakfast, the beavers carry sticks to their home, welcomed the Bald Eagle, Loons, and Blue Heron in the spring, watched the ducks with their young, and occasionally seen beautiful owls. This area is one of the most nature-rich areas in New Brunswick.

Whether you want to take in skating, sliding, or snowshoeing in the winter or sitting on the deck enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the beavers in the summer there will always be something to hear, smell and see.

View from deck, upstairs windows and downstairs window seats in the early spring.

The beauty of this view can be seen either from your top floor or the bottom.  The top floor opens up to a 24′ x 6′ deck. The bottom floor of this home has two 9 foot window seats where you can sit (lie down) and enjoy a good book or where the whole family can gather for a good movie or game.

View of upstairs living/dining area as seen from the kitchen. The cove and bay can be seen through the windows and door in the photo.


Upstairs door to deck open showing the view of the grapes, raspberries and fruit trees.


View of frozen Bellisle Bay as seen through the upstairs door that opens to a glass panel railing.


View of Belleisle Bay from upstairs window.


View from one of the window seats (right hand side) looking out into the bay.

Sixteen years ago (before tiny homes were not common language) we began to build a 24 by 32 foot home (small by most standards) which was designed to be efficient and for every inch to have purpose. Take a look at what we were able to do.

The entry way has a closet to your right with very deep shelves to put baskets in. The closet also hold the Polaris (please see below). Picture 9, 10, 11.

Outside door with closet on the left hand side built for foot wear, outdoor clothing, battery bank to operate in floor circulating pumps, Sunny Boy inverter and Polaris boiler/water heater.


Directly to your left in the entry way is the stairway to the upstairs. Now, we loved the view and wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. We also knew it could get hot in the summer. So, we decided to put the kitchen, one bathroom, and dining area upstairs.

Now, one thing I really appreciated in this home where I did a lot of cooking for 4 children was my kitchen. Until recently I had no idea how much this kitchen really held until we moved. This kitchen held was designed to hold a lot in a smaller space. The cupboards are deeper than the traditional kitchen and one side of the kitchen has cupboards from floor to ceiling. Take a look at this awesome kitchen.

View at the top of stairs entering the kitchen. The kitchen cupboards are all white washed ash. The gas range is a Peerless Premier 30 inch stainless propane range. This stove/range has no pilots nor glow plugs. It operates with spark ignition (including the oven) using less than a watt while lighting the burner or oven.


Kitchen counter with breakfast nook/bars stools at one end and gas range at the other.


Other view of kitchen from a distance showing the pantry on the left hand side.

Showing pantry and island with many pullout drawers for storage, two traditional drawers and pull out island for entertaining guests if you need extra counter space.

We also wanted to make sure there was storage space in this home. So, we opened up the eves and made them into cubbies which are 4 by 32 feet long on each side. Picture 26, 27

The main bathroom is on this level as well. This bathroom is equipped with a Jacuzzi bath and has a cubbie for storage. Picture 28, 29, and 30

Now, let’s take a look downstairs. There are four bedrooms, a family room, and another bathroom which also holds the laundry area. Picture 31 to 40

While you may want to stay indoors on occasion there may be many times were you want to enjoy the spaciousness of the landscaped yard around this home. Here are a few of the many pictures we have taken of the yard, gardens, and flowers over the years. Picture 41 to 51

Here are a few pictures of the produce we collected. Picture 52, 53, 54




This property also has the opportunity to be much more.

There is another building partly completed which is straw bale design. The building has been approved by an engineer and the building permit has been granted. It is the first load baring straw building in New Brunswick to be built. The building is also 24 by 32. Here are a few pictures. Pictures 55 and 56

The property has a brook that runs through the middle of the property, pasture lands, maple trees for making maple syrup in the spring, fiddleheads that can be picked in May, and water frontage for swimming or boating in the summer.

If it seems like a bit too much property there is always the option of selling some of the pasture land as lots to the many individuals who may like a cottage or home on the Belleisle Bay.

The renewable energy system has been years in the making….

Monthly Costs:


Electric Bill (Re: Grid Tie)



The solar electric system is is a 48 volt DC/120/240 volt AC system comprised of:

6 BP/Solarex 120 watt Solar Modules connected to to a Sunny Boy 600u (600 watt) grid tie inverter that feeds electricity to our off grid inverters charging the battery bank.

8 Evergreen 180 watt Solar Modules (1440 watts) connected to an Outback FM60 charge controller

8 Canadian Solar 230 watt Solar Modules (1840 watts) connected to an Outback FM60 charge controller

16 Trojan L16 6 Volt 370 AH Batteries (740 Amp-Hours at 48 Volts) (Brand new upon purchase of home)

2 Outback VFX3648 3600 Watt 48 Volt Sine Wave Inverters (7200 watts@120/240 vac)

1 Flexware 500 AC and DC Breaker Panels with various fuses and breakers

1 Outback FX240 Balancing Transformer

1 Outback Mate

1 Outback Hub-4

Lots of AC and DC Delta Lightning Arrestors


Whether you are looking for a change, retiring, or able to work from home this is the home for you.

The asking price is $350,000.