John D.

July 6, 2016

I never bother leaving comments, filling in surveys or typing testimonials but after dealing with I had to. It is very difficult and frustrating trying to find truthful information re: solar energy and even harder to find a store in Canada that understands the products they are selling. Most just tell you what you want to hear to make a sale. Although Jody may be hard to get a hold of, there is not a question he cannot answer and he will actually talk you out of buying products that you don’t need. I have not spoken with someone anywhere that has the knowledge and expertise in off grid living but it makes sense as he has been off the grid for over 15 years. Thank you Jody. I know I have not purchased a huge amount of products from you but you will be the first call I make when I need something. Anyone reading this, don’t judge what products solarhomestead carries by the website. They have many, many other items that are not yet listed on their website. I suspect they are just too busy to add more products to their online store. Thanks!