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ampere time lithium battery review

Suppose you are considering buying an Ampere Time lithium battery but need help knowing where to start. Then, this Ampere Time lithium battery review will lessen your investigation time and give you a straightforward overview of Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery’s primary features.

We will go over the most relevant features and specifications their LiFePO4 batteries have, where they can be used and how they compare to others in the market.

What Options in Lithium Batteries Does Ampere Time Have?

To start this Ampere Time lithium battery review, we will go over the various lithium battery voltages available and their capacities. All three voltages provide the most common 100Ah capacity. However, what is interesting about Ampere Time’s 12V lithium batteries is that they are available in multiple capacities, not only the one with the most demand.

The capacities are:

  • 12 Volt: 6Ah, 10Ah, 12Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah, 190Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah and 400Ah
  • 24 Volt: 100Ah and 200Ah
  • 48 Volt: 100Ah
  • 51.2 Volt: 90Ah

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Features: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ampere Time Lithium Batteries

Next, in this Ampere Time lithium battery review, we will specify their positive characteristics and disadvantages.


Automatic Self-Heating Function

Some models have this feature, like the 12V-200Ah lithium battery, which turns on its heating pads just in time to protect your battery from the damage low temperatures can do to the cells.

Built-in Battery Management System

All of their lithium batteries have a built-in BMS. A system like this one is what protects the battery from internal damage, such as:

  • overcharge
  • over-discharge
  • over current
  • short circuit, and
  • high temperatures.

Long Lifespan of 10 Years

These deep-cycle lithium batteries have a lifetime of more than ten years, which translates to more than 4000 discharge cycles.

IP65 Protection Class

It can be installed indoors and outdoors due to its high waterproof protection level.

Grade A LiFePO4 Cells

Granted the highest level of safety for the cell inside the battery in UL Testing Certification.


Automatic Self-Heating Function

Only some models carry this feature, so double-check that wherever you are going to use it, low temperatures aren’t going to be a problem.

ampere time battery review

Where Can You Use an Ampere Time Lithium Battery?

Whether you are traveling in a reduced space like an RV or want to install it in your home, Ampere Time lithium batteries adapt to the users’ needs easily and comfortably. Their lithium batteries are versatile because they are available in multiple capacities and are used in numerous applications.

These batteries are fit to use in the following:

  • RVs or campers
  • Automobiles
  • Camping
  • Emergency power source at home
  • UPS systems
  • Off-grid power storage systems, etc.

Don’t forget that we previously talked about how not all Ampere Time lithium batteries have the automatic built-in self-heating feature. If you are planning on relying on a power storage source during cold winter nights or in cold climates, make sure that the battery you choose has a built-in heater; if not, your battery and anything connected to it will suffer irreversible damage.

How Portable Are Ampere Time Lithium Batteries?

Depending on their capacity, the weight and size will vary. The average 12V 100Ah lithium battery weighs an average of 26lb. Ampere Time’s 12V-100Ah lithium battery model weighs 24.25lb, making it lighter than average. When it comes to size, it does lie within the average of a lithium battery’s dimensions.

Ampere Time’s wide range of capacities makes it simpler to adapt to your specific power demands. For example, if you want to benefit from a total capacity of 400Ah, instead of having four separate 100Ah batteries, you can optimize to a single 12V-400Ah lithium battery. This convenient capacity module reduces the amount of space you’d need to install it and how much you invest in a power system of this magnitude.

What Applications Do Ampere Time Lithium Batteries Have?

Lithium batteries are the top choice for the on-the-go option. Their high energy density, integrated BMS, and low discharge rate allow for a longer lifespan, but most importantly, their adaptability in any application and space.

Ampere Time LiFePO4 batteries allow the user to choose the battery that accommodates to their power needs wherever they are installed.

On board, an Ampere Time lithium battery can power everyday appliances such as:

  • refrigerator
  • microwave
  • coffee maker
  • television
  • water heater
  • water pump
  • electric stove
  • portable electronics, etc.

At home, it is ideal to use in case of a blackout and can power everyday home appliances, for example:

  • washer
  • lights
  • electric grill
  • freezer
  • heaters
  • cooking appliances, etc.

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Is an Ampere Time Lithium Battery Worth It?

It would only be a fair Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery review if we discussed its price tag. Having gone over what these lithium batteries bring to the table and what they don’t, we need to go over the most critical factor, their price.

Ampere Time lithium batteries are one of the most affordable lithium batteries out there. On top of offering multiple advantages and features that make them efficient and reliable, they are pretty accessible and budget-friendly.

According to the voltage and capacity that you choose, the price will vary, but needless to say that the lowest capacity battery of 12V-6Ah costs only $30. The most common battery capacity of 12V-100Ah costs $500, whereas other options have the same features for a higher price.

How Are Amper Time Lithium Batteries Different From the Competition?

To finalize this Ampere Time Battery Review, let’s discuss why these batteries stand out from others in the market. Ampere Time LiFePO4 batteries are available in 12V, 24V to 48V and expand into various capacities. You might think many battery alternatives complicate deciding which one to go for, but that is not the case. On the contrary, this increases the chances of finding a battery that adapts more precisely to your needs without compromising for less or more power than you require.

All in all, they are budget-friendly and grant overall high efficiency and lifetime usage. They have exactly what a lithium battery should have for a friendly price, allowing you to enjoy an easy-going experience with a long-lasting power system without breaking the bank.

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