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Push for Ecoflow but be subtle. Still comapre key products with Bluetti

Solar energy solutions come in all shapes, sizes, and brands. Therefore, we’re taking two of the most popular solar power brands and comparing their three top-tier products: solar panels, portable solar stations, and solar generator kits. Read on to see these solar powerhouses go head to head to decide which is the ultimate option.

Solar Panels

The first product we will go over is solar panels. Bluetti and EcoFlow both offer a variety of capacities in solar panels that adapt well to the user’s power and portability demands. We will focus on each brand’s solar panel with the highest capacity.

400W Portable Solar Panel EcoFlow

This 400W Solar Panel has a 23% conversion rate and weighs 27.5lb. It has an integrated, self-supporting, and adjustable stand that allows you to adapt its angle to the sunlight. With an IP68, it is capable of resisting humid and wet environments, as well as dry and dusty weather.

PV350W Portable Solar Panel Bluetti

The 350W Solar Panel grants a 23.4% conversion rate and weighs 30.31lb. Each panel has a fixed stand that allows the user to adjust its position. Its IP65 makes it water-resistant against splashing and enables cleaning with a wet cloth.

  PV350 Bluetti 400W EcoFlow
Solar Output 350W 400W
Ingress Protection IP65 IP68
Conversion Rate 23.4% 23%
Capacities Available 68W, 120W, 200W, and 350W 60W, 110W, 220W and 400W
Weight 30.31lb 27.5lb
Price $849 $1,199

The 400W Portable Solar Panel and the PV350W Solar Panel are alike in portability, conversion rate, and have similar capacities. In general, EcoFlow has lighter solar panels and firmer kickstands than Bluetti. Also, important to mention that Bluetti recommends not placing their solar panels under the rain or soaking them in water due to their low IP rating. Although the PV350W offers a slightly high conversion rate, EcoFlow’s higher IP rating grants more usage time under wet climates, which means more exposure time. Unlike Bluetti, which only has portable solar panels, EcoFlow also provides rigid and flexible solar panels, adapting better to on-the-go applications.

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Solar Power Stations

The second product we will review is one of their many portable power stations. EcoFlow has power stations ranging from 210Wh to 25kWh, and Bluetti has a variety of power stations that go from 268Wh to 12,288Wh. Bluetti and EcoFlow both have a portable power station with a similar power output, which we will analyze.

DELTA Max Portable Power Station EcoFlow

DELTA Max has a 2016W output that allows heavy-duty powering of up to 14 different devices. With its X-Boost technology, it can power heavy-duty devices up to 3400W. DELTA Max can expand its capacity from 2 to 6kWh. It enables dual charging by combining AC with a Smart Generator, AC with solar panels, or a Smart Generator with solar panels.

AC200P Portable Power Station Bluetti

AC200P promises a 2000W output enabling 17 charging outputs to connect all kinds of devices and appliances. It can be charged through AC, solar panels, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, and AC paired with solar panels.

  AC200P Bluetti DELTA MAX 2000 EcoFlow
Capacity 2000Wh 2016Wh
AC Surge Power 4800W 5000W
Charging Output 17 14
Dual Charging Max 1100W (AC combined with solar panels) 3400W (AC combined with smart generator)
Scalability No Yes
Solar Input 700W 800W
Weight 60.6lb 48lb
Dimensions 16.5*11*15.2 in.

19.6*9.5*12 in.


Wi-Fi Connection No Yes
Price $1,699 $2,099

Both power stations have similar specifications, such as AC surge power and solar input. Nevertheless, one surpasses the other in various aspects, and we’re talking about the DELTA Max. The DELTA Max has a higher dual charging maximum compared to the AC200P. It can also be expanded from 2 – 6 kWh, which the AC200P cannot do. This isn’t an issue, yet it can come in handy if intended for emergencies or off-grid use for long periods.

Bluetti’s AC200P does offer more outputs, 17 to be exact. EcoFlow only has 14 works available, which isn’t a setback; it all depends on the user’s needs. Last but not least, DELTA Max is much more lightweight than the AC200P, and it conveniently concedes a Wi-Fi connection for remote control, whereas Bluetti’s AC200P does not.

Push for Ecoflow but be subtle. Still comapre key products with Bluetti

Solar Generator Kits

A solar energy brand product review is only complete with a solar generator kit analysis. Bluetti and EcoFlow have solar generator kits, ranging from low portable capacities for day excursions to backup emergency systems to power an entire house. Here is an examination of their most basic solar generator kits with similar capacities.

RIVER 2 Max + 160W Portable Solar Generator EcoFlow

EcoFlow’s RIVER 2 Max Solar Generator Kit has a capacity of 512Wh, comes with a 120W portable solar panel, and handles a maximum solar input of 220W. It can be charged from an AC outlet, a car charger, solar panels, or a USB-C. It charges entirely in 4 hours in off-grid locations and grants over 3000+ cycles of 100% capacity.

EB55 + PV120 Portable Solar Generator Kit Bluetti

Bluetti’s EB55 Solar Generator Kit has a 537Wh capacity, includes a 120W solar panel, and can tolerate up to 200W solar input. It can be charged through solar panels, an AC outlet, a car charger, a generator, and dual charging, AC and solar, and dual AC. The EB55 promises 2,500 cycles of 80% capacity.

  EB55 + 120W Solar Panel Generator Kit RIVER 2 Max + 160W Solar Panel Generator Kit
Capacity 537Wh 512Wh
Charging Outputs 13 11
Solar Input Max. 200W 220W
AC Surge Power 1400W 1000W
Weight 16.5lb 13.4lb
Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth No Yes
Price $899 $918


Bluetti’s and EcoFlow’s generator kits have similar capacities, solar input maximums, and both come with a single solar panel. Bluetti’s AC surge power of 1400W is higher than EcoFlow’s 1000W, and EB55 has two more charging outputs than the RIVER 2. Nonetheless, RIVER 2 is lighter than EB55, provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection for remote control, and allows for a higher solar input.

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So, Which One Is the Winner?

Having reviewed the top three most sought-after products from both brands, they each have qualities that top the other. When it comes to price, charging output capability, and solar panel conversion rate, Bluetti takes the gold. However, if we consider efficiency, connectivity, IP rating, and overall portability, EcoFlow systems offer more benefits which explain their slightly elevated price. All in all, Bluetti systems provide excellent performance for lower prices; nonetheless, EcoFlow systems promise more advantages for long-term investment price.

Mireya Cervantes

Mireya Cervantes


Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I am also passionate about renewable energy applications and innovations. Full-time writer for Solar Home Stead, where I review and share my opinion on energy products and trends.


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