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renogy 2000w inverter review

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for an inverter to complement your power storage system? There is no doubt that to enjoy traveling off-grid or successfully prepare for a possible blackout, you need a reliable battery as much as you need an efficient inverter.

To tackle the basics of what an inverter is all about, in this Renogy 2000W Inverter review, you will learn about its main specifications, what its key features are, who it is best for, and what its applications are.

Let’s Talk About the Renogy 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

To start this Renogy 2000W inverter review, the first aspect that needs to be mentioned is that this inverter is compatible with any 12V DC battery, such as lead acid or lithium iron phosphate.

Renogy’s 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter works for an active outdoors person the same way it works as an emergency backup. But before we get into its operating system, specifications, and how it’s ideal in multiple scenarios, let’s start by reviewing what this inverter system includes:

  • 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • (2) 4AWG battery cables, 3 Ft., and
  • Remote control, 19.8 Ft.

Its components are only a few, which means that the system’s primary workload goes on inside for the user to have an easygoing experience.

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Main Features of the Renogy 2000W Inverter

Now, let’s get into the vital information. The main features this pure sine wave inverter from Renogy has are:

  • Continuous Output Power: 2000W
  • Peak Power Rating During Load Start-Up: 4000W
  • Output Voltage: 115V
  • Output Frequency: 60 Hz ± 0.1%
  • Operating Temperature Range: -4°F to 104°F
  • Battery Terminal Size: M8

Besides these specifications, other attractive traits add to its efficiency. Here are the additional key features that the Renogy 2000W Inverter has.


The Renogy 2000W Inverter is one of the most compact inverters on the market. Its dimensions are 17.8 x 8.6 x 4.0 in. and it weighs 11.7 lb, which makes it effortless to carry around and store away in small spaces a packed RV, tent, or boat can offer. It can also be mounted to walls or flat surfaces thanks to its mounting flanges for permanent installations.

Straight-Foward Set Up

Renogy’s 2000W inverter grants a trouble-free setup. Connect the inverter to the battery using the 4AWG cables with battery terminals. If you want to control the battery from a long distance, easily plug in the remote control. This inverter’s setup is uncomplicated, so you don’t have to worry about confusing connections, figuring out where multiple cables go or damaging the inverter overall.

Input and Output

You can connect your essential home appliances through its 3 AC ports and a built-in USB port to charge your smaller devices like your cellphone, a speaker, or a camera. If you want to connect even more devices, Renogy has also integrated an AC terminal block for an extra hardwire output.

System Protection and User Safety

To protect its electrical system, the battery, and the appliances connected to it, this inverter has multiple features to control and take action to detect any possible harm, or malfunction beforehand. These prevention and protection technologies extend its internal component’s lifespan and the inverter’s overall lifetime.

The main auto-protection features it offers are:

Thermally Controlled

High-speed, nearly noiseless ventilation fans allow the inverter to continue functioning during high temperatures by dissipating the heat.

LED Indicators

LED indicators will light up when the inverter is in danger of:

  • Over temperature
  • Overload
  • Under and over-voltage, and
  • Short circuits

Alarm and Shut Down System

The inverter sounds a high voltage alarm when it hits 16V, and automatically shuts down when it goes over 16.5V ± 0.5V DC.

GFCI Protection

Ground-fault circuit interrupter protects from severe electrical shocks.

Renogy’s 2000W inverter protects its system from temperature, circuit malfunctions, voltage maximums, etc. It grants an extended life, not only to the system itself but also to the devices and appliances connected to it.

renogy 2000w inverter

Who Needs an Inverter and Why Is It Necessary?

As we know, battery systems store their energy in direct current (DC); therefore, the direct current must be converted into alternating current (AC). Since there is a wide variety of batteries and each one has its specifications, one can’t simply connect the first inverter they find and expect it to function flawlessly. It is necessary to connect the correct inverter so it doesn’t damage the battery and the devices connected to it.

To start using your battery’s stored energy, connect it to the inverter and plug in your laptop, electric stove, water pump, small power tools, or any other essential home appliance or device you could need while on the go.

Are you looking to use your battery during a blackout? An inverter works hand in hand with a battery, and while it safely transforms DC to AC, it monitors its performance so you don’t have two blackouts in one.

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What Applications Does an Inverter Have?

An inverter is ideal when traveling off-grid, whether it’s to use it every day, sporadically, or for an outdoor emergency. It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of the woods or traveling on the road.

Some examples of exterior applications are:

  • Living on board an RV or camper
  • Cruising on a boat
  • Relaxing in a summer cabin
  • Camping next to a lake
  • Picnic, etc.

Having an inverter as your travel companion allows you to conveniently benefit from power storage systems without requiring you to search for an AC power source at every corner.

What Can We Conclude About the Renogy 2000W Inverter?

All in all, the 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter has the essentials any inverter should have. It is portable, safe, trouble-free, long-lasting, and most importantly, highly efficient and reliable. It enables straightforward and hassle-free use in any off-grid scenario, grants the well-being of the devices plugged into it, and ensures the user’s safety.

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