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Renogy Lithium Battery Review

Deciding which deep-cycle battery is best to suffice your energy needs can be a bit overwhelming but, most of all, confusing. Before making a choice, you must learn what deep-cycle batteries are and what options Renogy has at your disposal.

Renogy Deep Cycle Batteries Review: Which Type to Choose?

Renogy currently offers three different kinds of batteries that adapt to the user, their energy demands, and wherever it is that they want to use them. Let’s go over each one of them, what their system’s grant and how they compare among each other.

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Our Recommended Renogy Lithium Battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Battery Review

Known amongst friends as LiFePO4, these deep-cycle batteries offer a longer lifespan when compared to lead-acid batteries. Let’s do a Renogy 100Ah Lithium battery review of the 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Battery. It gives more than ten years of use, with a minimum of 4,000 cycles of discharge and recharge at 80% DOD. This DOD is eight times longer than lead-acid batteries!

Renogy’s battery activation switch allows it to be switched between active mode and shelf mode to elongate the battery’s life even more while it’s not being used for long periods.

LiFePO4 batteries from Renogy don’t require constant maintenance to have an extended battery life, and their low self-discharge contributes to this long-lasting battery performance. Its extremely safe built-in BMS or, battery management system, monitors and controls the charging and discharging process of the battery, as well as protects it from: 

  • Over and under voltage
  • Over-current
  • Short circuits, and
  • High and low temperatures

Renogy’s Lithium Iron Phosphate deep cycle batteries are so lightweight that they are the ideal companion to take with you in your boat, RV, and even your van. A LiFePO4 battery’s weight is only a third of a lead-acid battery. More power than the conventional lead-acid battery and much less weight to carry and move around.

Are you looking for a deep-cycle battery with more capacity? The 12V 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with Bluetooth offers a lifespan of more than 2000 cycles with a continuous discharge current of 200A, and a safe discharge of 100% DOD, giving you twice the energy. Its Bluetooth system enables you to monitor the battery’s performance conveniently and efficiently. 

Deep Cycle Hybrid GEL Battery Review

Deep cycle hybrid gel batteries have a more straightforward composition because they use gel to function. These types of batteries use a substance that turns the electrolyte acid within the battery into gel. Renogy’s high-quality Hybrid gel batteries, like the 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Hybrid GEL Battery, possess crucial qualities such as:

  • Wide temperature range
  • No maintenance required 
  • No risks of leakage or toxic gas emissions
  • Vibration resistance

Even after excessive discharge, deep-cycle hybrid gel batteries assure an outstanding recovery capacity, which means they can be recharged repeatedly without harming the overall system. And compared to AGM batteries, they have a longer life cycle life. The best part of all of Renogy’s deep cycle hybrid gel batteries is that they are designed to last over 12 years.

Deep Cycle AGM Battery Review

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries by Renogy are manufactured with sturdy and thick glass mat separators which maintain the electrolyte in place. This glass mat is what ensures the battery is non-leaking. Currently, they are the most sought-after lead-acid batteries. What gives them this notoriety is their:

  • High-power discharge 
  • Wide temperature range
  • Low internal resistance
  • Stable battery capacity

And same as the Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery, they require no maintenance and present no risks of leakage or toxic gas emissions. Renogy’s Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, for example, the 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery, are ideal to use with everyday home appliances, RVs, boats, and medical equipment (even at home), and offer many more convenient applications.

Renogy Lithium Battery

What Is a Deep Cycle Battery?

As its name hints, it’s a battery that is meant to give stable and continuous power output for long periods. They can be deeply discharged, 80% – 100% DOD, and this will not harm the battery integrity, since they are meant to undergo these deep discharge full recharge cycles continuously.

Deep cycle batteries are available in various capacities and voltages, with 12V being the most common and most popular choice, but there are also 24V and 48V deep cycle batteries. Even higher voltages are available, but these aren’t very sought after or manufactured by many brands. 

What Exactly Is Depth of Discharge?

The main character in deep-cycle batteries is the depth of discharge (DOD). Deep-cycle batteries wouldn’t be defined as such if it weren’t for it. A depth of discharge means precisely what it writes, it indicates how much of a battery’s charge capacity has been discharged, meaning that a 100% DOD refers to a full discharge. With this in mind, it is simpler to understand when we say that a deep discharge is defined as 80% – 100% of the battery’s discharge capacity.

Let’s take for example, an 80% DOD, which simply means that there is a 20% total charge capacity left in the battery because the battery has already discharged an 80%.

Our Recommended Renogy Lithium Battery

Difference Between Deep Cycle Batteries and Regular Batteries

Now that you know how deep cycle batteries work, it’s time to understand what makes them the optimal choice and what makes them overstep regular batteries. Car batteries use regular batteries, and they function in a way that they supply energy for a brief moment, and it’s usually for when you start your vehicle. 

A regular battery cannot fulfill this task because it generates a shorter burst of electricity to get started whatever is connected to it. It isn’t made to undergo constant recharges and discharges like a deep cycle battery.


Renogy deep cycle batteries adapt well to the user’s main focus, whether its for a car, an RV, a boat or an off-grid power system. Renogy batteries are known for being reliable because of their ideal DOD and life cycle expectancy, and are manufactured with long lasting material to endure the years of use they promise.

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