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110 w solar panel

A 110W solar panel is the most common capacity in the PV panel market. Why is that, you may ask? Well, they are versatile, compact, and lightweight, making them ideal for all kinds of applications. Most solar energy system brands offer them. Is a 110W solar panel the right option for your specific power demands? Let’s find out what these PV systems can power and help you decide if they are the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Where Can a 110W Solar Panel Power Be Used?

Photovoltaic systems are the clean energy slowly but steadily taking over traditional and on-the-go power sources. These green energy systems can be used practically anywhere, and they’re ready to go as long as there is sunlight.

At Home

You can benefit from the sun’s energy inside your home. Install a rigid 110W solar panel on your roof and use it as an emergency power source during a blackout to charge your phone or laptop. Or, power an emergency radio to stay updated with the latest weather news during an unexpected snowstorm. Having a 110W solar panel handy is the reassurance you and your home need in times of energy uncertainty.Want to charge your phone while you lie next to your pool? Then a solar panel will allow you to enjoy a garden party while you power your speaker or your sprinklers to save on the monthly bill. An accessible energy source, when far from wall outlets, can upgrade your traditional lifestyle without negatively impacting the environment.


A portable 110W solar panel will grant you the power you need when far from home. A 110W PV panel can be installed on campervans, RVs, or boats, basically, anywhere that doesn’t have a direct energy source. Since they have a small capacity, they are compact. Solar panels with this capacity are both rigid and portable. In addition, they are also lightweight, making them even easier to carry around and store in reduced and hard-to-find spaces in recreational vehicles.

What Can I Run With a 110W Solar Panel?

As previously mentioned, 110W solar panels can be used practically anywhere, meaning they can also power almost anything. Since they can adapt to your lifestyle, they must be able to accommodate your power needs.

A 110W solar panel can power any electrical appliance or device that requires a maximum of 110 watts or less. Below is a table of the energy consumption of everyday devices and household appliances to help you better understand what a single 110W solar panel can power.

Household Appliances Maximum Watts
49” LED TV 85W
LED light bulb 7W
Incandescent light bulb 100W
Humidifier 40W
Air purifier 30W
Phone charger 7W
Ceiling fan 70W
Tablet charger 7W
Computer monitor 25W
Tower fan 60W
Electric shaver 20W
Bathroom extractor fan 12W
Hair styling tools (hair straightener) 75W
Water dispenser 100W

These are some mundane household appliances that a single 110W solar panel can power. Most of these devices and appliances are small in size. Nevertheless, they are appliances that we require in our day-to-day routines. Considering this fact, using solar energy to power these daily will significantly impact your monthly electricity bill.

Another way that a 110W solar panel can be utilized is during summertime. Summertime and wintertime are dreaded times of the year when we must be extremely cautious of how often we use our AC. You can use a 110W PV panel to good use by using it to power a portable fan. Consider it also for winter time. It can make a significant difference if you connect your space heater to this energy source, saving you tons in electricity bills. Remember, you can continually expand your solar array, so if your portable heater needs more power, add another solar panel, and you will be ready to go.

110 w solar panel

Will a 110W Solar Panel Run a TV in an RV?

Yes, a 110W PV solar panel can power a TV. Nonetheless, it will depend on the TV’s size and wattage. For example, a 30″ LED TV uses an average of 60 watts per hour. So, a 110W will be more than enough. Nonetheless, a 50″ LED TV will most likely surpass 110 watts. In this case, two 110W solar panels will be needed to cover the TV’s electricity demands.

What Efficiency Does a 110W Solar Panel Have?

A 110W solar panel usually has a 20-24% efficiency. The higher the percentage, the more energy conversion it provides. The percentage will depend on the brand, the type and number of cells, and the materials used, among other factors.

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Does a 110W Solar Panel Only Work for Small Devices?

A single 110W solar panel will exclusively work for small devices. However, more power will be available if multiple 110W PV panels are combined. What’s convenient about this type of renewable energy system is that you can employ them like puzzle pieces to expand and customize your solar array according to your power needs.

Suppose you want to expand your power supply at home because you noticed it saved you good money on your electricity bill. You can readily install additional solar panels on your roof to catch more sun rays. Another example would be if you decided to live entirely on board your already solar-powered camper. Simply install an additional solar panel to reach the desired power, or pull out a portable solar panel when you need this extra capacity. The more power you need, the more solar energy you can capture.


All in all, a 110W solar panel will give you sufficient power to power your daily energy demands, whether it’s to charge your cellphone during a blackout or light your entire RV at night. Although they have a small capacity, you can combine them until you reach your desired power. Benefit from a system that adapts to your lifestyle and, most importantly, that readily grants you electricity independence to power whatever you want for as long as you need.

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